VinoBurger  |  Gourmet Burgers Inspired by the Cuisines of the World's Greatest Wine Regions

VinoBurger is more than a cookbook. It is a vinous and culinary travelogue intended to provide the home chef and wine enthusiast with a fun and unique approach to learning about the world’s greatest wine regions. Recipes feature ingredients authentic to each wine region, presented in the familiar, unpretentious form of America’s favorite food: the hamburger. Wine education is served up in easy-to-grasp portions, providing the reader with a snapshot of what each region does best. VinoBurger takes a global approach to exciting, new wine and food pairings, best enjoyed over the course of a leisurely evening, shared with friends and family.

I can think of few other foods that are as universally loved as the burger – in fact it is a particular favorite in our house. But after reading Jeff Bramwell’s excellent cookbook, our burger meals have taken on a whole new dimension! Not only does he provide outstanding recipes with an innovative twist on the humble hamburger, but his ability to pair them with the appropriate wines makes the experience even more delicious. With so many wonderful wines from around the world available these days, Jeff’s book offers every wine enthusiast a unique way to taste - and eat - globally. If you’re looking for a way to treat your favorite wine lover, I highly recommend picking up Jeff’s book – the wine information is terrific and the burger ideas will knock your socks off!
— Sheri Sauter Morano, Master of Wine

VinoBurger for iBooks

Individual chapters with updated and expanded content, including first course, main course and side dish, pronunciation guide and photo gallery. Available for the iPad, iPhone and Macs running iBooks.

Chapters currently available:   Piedmont  |  Tuscany  |  Provence  |  Washington  |  Sonoma

Expanded Recipes

New burger and side dishes for each chapter, along with a first course to help explore more of what each region has to offer. Detailed pairings for each recipe.

Wine Education

Expanded educational content, with maps and more to help you understand what every region grows, what it does best, and - most importantly - what the wines taste like and the foods they pair best with.

Photo Gallery

Get a detailed look at the landscape, vines and cellars within each region for a better feel of the area.


Pronunciation Guide

You know that person who lays on their thickest foreign accent when discussing their favorite wines? Don’t be that guy (or girl)! With the handy guide that's included in each iBooks chapter of VinoBurger you'll learn how to properly pronounce each region's most important grape varieties and sub-regions accurately, but without the obnoxious faux-accent.